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High strength ribbed bar and equipment          Construction machinery

Concrete Pump Machine
Portable concrete pump truck CPM-30
performance feature: 1、Using S-tube valve reversing, it can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete 2、The main seals are made of high-quality seals to prevent internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system. 3、High reliability glass plate and cutting ring are with hard alloy, wear resistance and long service life. 4、The high outlet pressure can meet the conveying requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction。 5、Pump mechanism uses a two-cylinder piston, with advanced performance and good continuity. 6、Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air cooling cooling system, no need to connect water source。 7、Improved material path reduces pumping resistance and pipe blockages. 8、Equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the life of the rotating parts、 9、The electrical components are controlled by the PLC system and have the best operating characteristics. 10、Electrical components such as contactors and push button switches are reliable in operation, simple in control circuit, and equipped with switches for easy operation.
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Concrete pumps
Product model: HNFY-40
2020 schwing concrete pump 39meters concrete pumping hose accessories concord concrete pump plug pump valves
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Large concrete pump
Product Model: HNFY-50
Big Grain Concrete Pump Hydraulic System Concrete Pump 40m3/H concrete mixer machine price in India
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Stirrup Bending Machine
Automatic CNC bending machine
After this series of automatic CNC pipe benders are started, it can continuously feed steel, straighten, cut to length, cut, hoop bending, and a series of automatic production and processing processes. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, energy saving, and a lot of liberation of productivity. This product is widely used in the construction industry, large steel bar processing plants, high-speed railways, highways, water conservancy buildings, etc.
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Hot Rolling Production Line
Continue Casting Direct Rolling
Continuous casting direct rolling, is the liquid steel into the continuous casting machine casting billet (called continuous casting billet), and then without cooling, after a certain period of heat preservation in the soaking furnace directly into the hot continuous rolling mill rolling process. Compared with the traditional technology, which combines casting and rolling, this technology can simplify the process, improve the working conditions, increase the metal yield, save energy, improve the quality of continuous casting billet, and realize the advantages of mechanization and automation.
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Hot Rolling Mill Production Line
Hot Rolled Steel Bar Manufacturing Machine
Continuous casting and continuous rolling is the full name of continuous casting and continuous rolling. It is to pour liquid steel into a continuous casting machine to cast a slab (called continuous casting slab), and then directly into the hot continuous after being kept in a soaking furnace for a certain time without cooling. Steel rolling process of rolling forming in rolling mill. This process skillfully combines the two processes of casting and rolling. Compared with the traditional process of casting a billet first, heating it with a heating furnace and then rolling, it has a simplified process, improved labor conditions, and increased metal yield. Save energy, improve the quality of continuous casting billet, and facilitate the advantages of mechanization and automation.
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Enterprise equipment advantages

(1) The company focuses on the short stress mill with large deformation and large rolling to improve rolling precision. The metal material properties are utilized to improve the product quality by incomplete tempering. 
(2)The self-developed small packaging system is unique. 
(3)The rolling speed of single-machine double-line straight strip equipment is four times faster than the ordinary rolling mills. 
(4)Under the condition of the same output, the production site area of single-machine double-line straight strip equipment is one quarter less than equipment in the market. 
(5)The effective power of DSP heat treatment equipment reaches up to 96%. 
(6)For the production of five million tons of steel bar with single-machine double-line straight strip equipment, the investment is 1.5 billion yuan less than the investment of 2.6 billion yuan in existing equipment in the market. 
(7)Compared to other equipment, the production of five million tons of steel bar with single-machine double-line straight strip equipment requires 1/2 fewer workers and 40% less wages for production personnel. 
(8) With the unique patent for invention, the rolling mill collection system reduces investment in equipment, energy consumption and equipment maintenance. 




Quality advantages of high strength steel bar

(1)Our company’s advantage is the combination of the heat treatment process and the cold rolling process to improve the quality of steel bar to three grades higher, and reduce consumption by 36%. 
(2)Compared to ordinary steel bar, the high strength ribbed steel bar manufactured in our company features bright color, uniform brightness, high strength, excellent comprehensive performance (process performance, welding performance, extension performance, seismic performance), energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life and high safety. The comprehensive performance exceeds the national standard of HRB500.  

(3)With the appearance of the crescent spiral rib, it makes the anchoring performance more outstanding, and ensures that steel bar and concrete can be firmly combined in the sliding process. 
(4)Save steel and save money: Reduce the amount of steel used in construction, 12% less than HRB400 hot-rolled steel, reduce the consumption and save money.  
(5)Save rare metals; 
(6)Reduce ore and energy consumption; 
(7)No wastewater, waste gas, waste, green and environmental protection: Comply with the national industrial policy


Hunan Gaohua New Materials Technology Co.,

Hunan Gaohua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province, a new material enterprise in Hunan Province, a two-type product enterprise in Hunan Province, an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and low-carbon enterprise in Shaoyang, and has successively obtained more than ten national patents. The company develops, designs, and manufactures steel rolling machinery and equipment; produces and sells high-strength cold-rolled ribbed steel construction equipment; sells hoop bending machines, concrete pumps, mortar sprayers and other machinery;sells HNFY-50 Large concrete pump,HNFY-40 concrete pumps,Automatic CNC bending machine

The company's equipment is close to the domestic and foreign markets as the research and development direction, and it is developing towards intelligent and unmanned functions. The cold-rolled steel equipment technology is mature.



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